Interesting Links

Some websites and references that I find useful/interesting in no particular order..

A blog I read or at least glance at almost daily:

the morning paper

Join these two organizations:


ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)

Linux Weekly News is an invaluable source of information for our favourite OS..

Monitoring Weekly !  (no longer being updated, but there are archives)

SRE WEEKLY !!  Great weekly resource!

MySQL performance:

Percona Database Performance Blog

VividCortex Blog

Also take a look at Baron Schwartz’s blog

Miscellaneous Performance Sites:

Brendan deserves his own section and, I suppose he’s most famous for his Flame Graphs and his hilarious Shouting demo.

Brendan Gregg’s Blog

Brendan D. Gregg

Julia Evans

For anyone interested in the “R” Language, these sites are invaluable:

R Bloggers

Comprehensive R Archive Network

Brave New Geek is a fascinating blog I’ve been following lately from Tyler Treat.

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