CI/CD and Optimization

When we talk of CI/CD we’re often referring to Continuous Integration and Delivery while Optimization refers to Services/Systems. What I’d like to discuss is Constant Improvement/Continuous Development and Self-Optimization..

Being geeks, we are often looking at improving system/service delivery, performance and optimization. But what about ourselves? DevOps is more than just tools, it’s a mindset. It’s a holistic methodology to contributing value for common goals.

Some of us are lucky to be involved with companies that value self-improvement. They might have training budgets, send people to conferences, help develop talents. Others of us aren’t as lucky. If you find that you are fighting the same fires, not learning anything new and feeling that you aren’t growing; there are remedies available:

  • Talk with the people you work with, report to and, see if there are opportunities to develop;
  • Read. Find new technologies, languages that you are interested in and, dive in!
  • Try them, even if it’s on your time!
  • If the company you’re working for is not interested in developing your talents, it may be time to move on..

First of all, communicate. See if the situation can be improved from where you are standing. If there are irreconcilable differences, it may be time to look elsewhere..

There are plenty of opportunities available and they will invariably suggest that they are a wonderful place to work for. Dig deeper into their values and check them out on sites like Glassdoor. Find out who you might be working for on LinkedIn or through friends. See if their values really do match what you are looking for. You want to find a situation where you can develop your talents, learn and make an impact.

Good luck!

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