K8S Tips and Scripts #0

It’s time to start writing again.. It’s been awhile..

I’ll start by sharing some tips I’ve learned and scripts I’ve written for dealing with Kubernetes.

Krew Plugin Manager

There are many tools like lens and rancher for dealing with Kubernetes with a “user friendly” UI.. Personally, I’m more of a command line guy and so I’ll be writing about how to be more effective on the command line with kubectl and friends.

Note that many of the things I will write about assume that you are working from either a Mac, Linux or have access to a system with a bash shell.

For my first tip, if you haven’t tried it yet, download and get the krew plugin manager. Installation is easy and you will have over 200 plugins available to make your life easier by expanding the repertoire of kubectl.


The plugins are written by many authors and, to be honest, the quality varies. But there are many gems in there which I will write about in future articles.