Reading Week #1

I’d like to start a new series of articles based on interesting articles to read for the week..

Compilers and Interpreters

I’ve always loved learning new languages.  It enables you to express (and think about) solutions to problems in new ways.  Creating your own is also an option.  DSL’s (Domain-Specific-Languages) are an introduction to creating a useful tool that can give you a better abstraction layer (and simplify) the problem space that you’re working with.  The following article is an introduction to language design; compilers and interpreters.

Remember that it’s not only machines that you’re communicating with, it’s people; including your future self..

A crash course in compilers

On-Call Doesn’t Have to Suck

This is actually a page full of links on how On-Call can be improved.  It doesn’t have to be 3am calls and something you dread doing.

How To Improve On-Call