Remote Work

Many companies and individuals are contemplating remote work now. Embrace it!

While the circumstances surrounding why more companies will be suggesting that people work from home (WFH) are far from ideal, it’s perhaps an opportunity to demonstrate the the upsides to remote work.

An excellent resource for those individuals (and companies) who are new to employees working from home is a book from Basecamp called Remote.

If you haven’t worked remotely before, it’s largely about doing things more “asynchronously” with colleagues, using other tools for communication, developing good working habits (avoiding a different set of distractions) and, not working too much. Interestingly, with your home office always available and the extra time with no commute, it’s often hard to “shut down” and know when to stop!

Set up a separate “home office” if you can. Let family members know that when you’re in the office, you are working. (This might be a challenge now if you have kids who are also away from school.)

Get into a routine. Without office distractions, most people find they are far more productive working from home. Keep in touch with your manager and let them know how much more productive you are.

Enjoy the extra time that you’ve saved without the commute!


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