Traffic At 2 O’clock!

Up in the air, your eyes can’t be everywhere, all the time. You’re trained to scan the skies for “traffic” (other flying machines) as well as scanning instrumentation in the cockpit.

When taking up passengers, I encourage them to look for traffic. It can be useful to have another set of eyes. Teamwork. It could avert a disaster or, at the very least, enable a more measured response, faster.

If a passenger sees something I hadn’t noticed? Cool!  I probably would’ve noticed, but the early warning is a good thing[tm], enabling me to divert sooner if warranted.

You’re on a team of SRE’s and someone makes observations to the on-call about a possible impending situation. As the oncall, do you feel (a) threatened, insecure or; (b) grateful that there was another set of eyes from the team helping, possibly avoiding an “unpleasant situation” sooner?