Where Are We Going?

Where are we going?” my wife asks as we leave the runway on her first flight with me after I received my pilot license.Up!” I responded.

She looked disappointed. She was thinking that we’d head to another city airport, perhaps for a $100 hamburger.

She was unaware of the planning involved to fly to another airport; getting a weather briefing, dealing with the navigation maps, filing a flight plan etc. My intended destination for this maiden flight was the “practice area” which was close by and didn’t require much pre-planning.

Flight Plans

One of the more important aspects of planning for a flight is filing a “flight plan”. One of the core reasons for doing so, is to provide a way of alerting rescuers if the flight is overdue and giving them the information they need to find you. Having a plan when deploying a new applications can be just as important if things go south.