Must Have Books.. Another One!

Not just “Must Have”, but “Must Read!”. A new book has been released and is available, free to download for a short time.

It’s a sequel to the awesome “Site Reliability Engineering”[2] book, called “The Site Reliability Workbook”[1].

I haven’t read the whole book yet, but it looks like it’s a more practical book of how to implement SRE (and devops) outside of Google with plenty of other examples. It makes a welcome addition to a few other books are required reading for anyone involved in delivering and operating large scale systems. Better.

  1. The Site Reliability Workbook
  2. Site Reliability Engineering
  3. Database Reliability Engineering
  4. Effective DevOps
  5. The Phoenix Project


Also mentioned The DevOps Alternative vs. the traditional Engineering vs. Operations approach I wrote about in There’s Always a Problem. The key is the organization’s culture and self-optimization (like reading) I wrote about in CI/CD and Optimization.


2 thoughts on “Must Have Books.. Another One!”

  1. The workbook is not shown as a sequel, rather an exercise book to practice what is learned in the SRE book.

    Of course it is free to download, because it will entice people to buy the textbook so they’ll understand how to do the exercise.

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